Earn trust
Meet stakeholder needs
Create shared value

Companies who engage stakeholders well benefit from better reputation, more effective partnerships and a stronger brand. But really tuning in to stakeholder needs can be tricky. With over two decades at the forefront of stakeholder engagement, we have a proven track record in spotlighting needs and mobilising partners to help realise shared sustainability goals. We help you:

  • target and engage your most important audiences
  • validate top sustainability priorities and most material issues for your company
  • conduct deep-dive stakeholder engagement
  • identify strategic partners to achieve shared goals

We’ve worked with several companies, including Scandinavian banking giant SEB, to refine their materiality processes, adding tangible value through deep-dive third party interviews. Our stakeholder research has enabled clients like Scania to identify potential strategic philanthropy partners.

RB Sustainability Report 2014 1

"One Stone’s input enabled us to create a clear, balanced report. Most importantly, their emphasis on key report features focused our efforts on the elements that add the most value to readers, helping us to streamline our reporting process."

Laura McGonigal
Sustainability Communications, RB

Tell your story. Our communication know-how makes your sustainability messages powerful and credible, inside and outside the company. Our insight into stakeholder agendas helps you target audiences better and build lasting, more fruitful relationships.