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Our strength

Building strong foundations for successful, sustainable business is what we do best. We know our stuff. Over the past two decades, we've helped dozens of multinational companies in pharmaceutical, IT, consumer goods, manufacturing, services and other sectors fine-tune their strategic response to the sustainability agenda.

Our aim is to help you make your sustainability approach more effective. We work with you to identify priorities, integrate these into the business and build lasting trust and reputational benefit by keeping your stakeholders engaged.

Keep it smart

With a presence across three continents, our outlook is global and we're on the job 24/7. As a networked organisation, we leverage smart, low-carbon approaches to keep efficiency high and costs down. We’re also Scotland’s founding certified B Corp because we love using the power of business for good.

As well as our core team, One Stone accesses a select network of sustainability thinkers, doers, movers and shakers according to project needs.

"These are people who know their stuff and walk their talk with joy — it's infectious so watch out! "

Tessa Tennant
Executive Chair of The ICE Organisation, Co-founder of the Carbon Disclosure Project, Co-founder of the UK Social Investment Forum

The name 'One Stone' embodies sustainability: a natural resource and humankind's first tool. With stones you can build, create, connect, communicate. Stones are enduring. They symbolize the planet: the Earth is our stone and we only have one.